Best Fort Myers DUI Lawyer

You need an Fort Myers DUI Lawyer if you’ve recently been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. DUI charges are serious. Here are some tips for you if you’ve never hired a lawyer before.

Penalties for DUI charges really are a fine of at least $300, at least 10 days’ imprisonment, a minimum of 40 hours of community service work, completing a DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program (also referred to as DUI school) and probation. This is virtually no time to attempt to represent yourself.

Finding Best Fort Myers DUI Lawyer

It’s always useful to have some first-hand recommendations. You can ask around your circle of family and friends members to see if they have ever hired an Fort Myers DUI Lawyer. You’ll want to know what they thought of the experience and if they can recommend someone to you if they have.

You have another resource at your disposal if you don’t get any leads or you’d rather not discuss your recent arrest with people you know. You can connect you with an Fort Myers DUI Lawyer in your area.

If you are ready, contact us at Telephone Number HERE or use the Contact Page Form on this web site. You’ll have to answer a few questions. Then, whether you are in Fort Myers or anywhere nearby, you can schedule a Free consultation with a  Fort Myers DUI Lawyer.

Preparing to Talk with an Fort Myers DUI Lawyer

If you have the name or a couple referrals of some Fort Myers DUI Lawyers, you should try to meet them. Many DUI lawyers in Ft Myers are prepared to sit down along with you to introduce themselves and discuss a potential strategy for dealing with your charges. These meetings, called initial consultations, can help you choose which attorney you want to hire.

Oftentimes, lawyers will not charge for their time at an initial consultation. Check to see if this is the case with the lawyers you want to meet when you call to make the appointment.

To take full advantage of enough time you might have in an initial consultation, come prepared. Make a list of questions you would want to ask the attorney. Check out “4 Questions”. Focus on subjects that will help you decide whether you want to hire this lawyer, such as the attorney’s background experience, and what options you may have.

Write these questions down and be sure to bring them with you, so that you don’t forget to inquire about anything. Bring some extra paper, too, and a pen so you can jot down the answers. Take notes don’t believe in memory to lock in all the details.

If you bring some important documents with you, including, the Fort Myers DUI Lawyer will also find it helpful you:

•Your bail papers

•Any paperwork you might have from the court stating the costs against you and your next court date

•The police report, if possible

•Any other paperwork law enforcement might have given you.

Meeting with a Fort Myers DUI Lawyer

Use the time at the initial consultations to reach understand the attorney and better understand your circumstances. Remember, you’re facing a guaranteed fine, imprisonment, community service and enrollment in an DUI School. You require a lawyer who concentrates his practice on DUI cases.

The Ft Myers DUI Lawyer will have questions for you as well. Answer them directly. You must not withhold any information from an attorney you may hire.

You don’t have to worry that anything you say in an initial consultation is never repeated outside of the offices in which you meet. All DUI lawyers in Ft Myers are bound by strict rules that guarantee your confidentiality. Even though you end up hiring someone else, none of the lawyers you meet at initial consultations will betray your confidence.

Selecting an Fort Myers DUI Lawyer

When you have finished interviewing all of the Ft Myers DUI Lawyers on your own list, it is time for you to choose one to handle your case. Do not procrastinate if you have an arraignment or court date fast approaching. To make a smart decision, think about some questions:

•Which attorney had the most experience with cases like my own?

•Which attorney proposed research I liked best?

•Whose fees seemed most reasonable?

•That attorney was I most comfortable?

Ask your top contenders for the names and contact information of several former clients if those questions still point the way to the best candidate. Give them a call to ask about their experiences. Did the attorneys deliver everything they said they would? Are they satisfied with the outcomes? Would they use them again, if necessary?

Their feedback should will helpful in selecting the very best Fort Myers DUI Lawyer for you. When found, hire him immediately so that you can face your charges having an attorney at the side.

Why Hire A FT Myers DUI Attorney?

Why Hire a FT Myers DUI Attorney ?


If you are arrested for the suspicion of DUI in the Fort Myers area, there are situations where you could legitimately ask yourself, “Why hire a FT Myers DUI Attorney?” It would be a good idea for any defendant to read through the DUI chapters of, to familiarize yourself with all of the rules of the process of defending a DUI case. There are certain things that you can do yourself without a Fort Myers DUI Attorney such as: arrange your own arraignment, get your own copy of the police report, and read the information in regard to the field sobriety tests, the required breath or blood test to determine blood alcohol content, and the preliminary alcohol screening (PAS).

From that, then you can decide what the chances are for winning a trial, based on the information you have as a preliminary assessment. It is at this time when you will make the decision as to whether or not your need to hire a Fort Myers DUI Attorney. Based upon the information that you have in hand you might feel that you have all of the facts, and you might have a fairly good idea of how strong your case is. If you decide to hire a  Fort Myers DUI Lawyer, you have to find a experienced one who will charge you a reasonable fee, and that may be difficult depending upon your financial resources.

Why Hire A FT Myers DUI Attorney ?


You may want to hire a Fort Myers DUI Attorney simply to determine you how would stand in court with the information you have. You could call a DUI Florida Attorney and ask if they provide this “initial stand alone service,” and what their fee would be for that alone.

If you have been arrested for a first time suspicion of a DUI charge, and according to your information, you will probably be convicted anyway, you can just plead guilty, because that is what your lawyer would do. If your Blood Alcohol Content is way above the limit, it probably will be difficult to plea bargain anything, you can plead guilty and save the $2,000 that a Fort Myers DUI Lawyer would charge. In a case like this there is little that the Fort Myers DUI Attorney can do for you that you can’t go on and handle yourself.

 Hire A Fort Myers DUI Attorney: Over The Limit

If you had a high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or the breathalyzer test puts you well over the limit, the likelihood of conviction hovers at around 90% if the BAC is .08 to .11, and just about 100% if it is .20 or more. If there is other evidence that you were drunk, and there are other witnesses to corroborate that, you would certainly be convicted even if the BAC is .08 or less.

There are possibilities of plea-bargaining when one test may show a positive conviction level, but the other one is inconclusive, with no outward demonstrated behavior that would indicate that you were drunk. As the level of uncertainty increase, the better your chances improve of plea-bargaining.  In a case like this a Fort Myers DUI Lawyer may be able to request a reduction from DUI arrest to a lesser charge such as reckless driving. This is a much less serious offense and will be a misdemeanor in most states.


Attorneys Fort Myers Florida

Why Hire A FT Myers DUI Attorney?

This would be on occasion why the question could be asked, “Why Hire A FT Myers DUI Attorney?” on a legitimate basis. The reckless driving charge is many time a good option to fall back on for a prosecuting attorney when they feel that they cannot win a conviction for the DUI charge.

In some cases a person may qualify for a public defender to take his case, but the outcome will depend solely on the caseload of the DUI Florida Attorney. All too often the good public defenders are all booked up, and the only ones left are right out of law school and are wet behind the ears. However public defender can get good at defending DUI cases, because there are a lot of them with which to deal.

So ask yourself, “Why Hire A FT Myers DUI Attorney?” consider the facts at hand and do the best thing for your situation. However! Don’t find out the hard way you should have a Fort Myers DUI Lawyer on your side.

Can A Ft Myers DUI Attorney Challenge a Breathalyzer Test

One of the most serious arrest is driving under the influence. If you happen to be arrested and charged with a DUI, the consequences are usually serious. Loss of a driving license, job and even being liable to criminal charges are but a few of the possible consequences of driving under the influence. The good news is that with the help of a good Ft Myers DUI Attorney it may be possible to challenge a DUI and win.

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Can A Ft Myers DUI Attorney Challenge a Breathalyzer Test in Court?

Once you have been charged with a DUI, for you to be convicted, prosecution has to prove that your blood level at the time of the offense was above the set limit. In most of the states, the limit is usually .10 percent. In order to build a case, the prosecution must get a sample of the defendant’s blood and test it to prove that the alcohol level was above the limit. There are several lines of defense a FT Myers DUI Attorney can put up for your case. Here, are a few of the most common:

1. The machine was calibrated improperly

2. The test was administered wrongly

3. The readings of the test were conflicting

4. There was the presence of other chemicals which made it difficult to make an accurate reading.

Those are some of the lines of defense that a reliable Ft Myers DUI Attorney can put up to prevent you from being found guilty of the DUI charge.


What Is The Probability of a Ft Myers DUI Attorney Winning Your DUI Charge?

Whether you will win the breathalyzer test or not usually depends on the competence of your  DUI Lawyer Fort Myers and the circumstances that surrounded your arrest. For instance, a experienced FT Myers DUI Attorney will challenge every step of the arrest. If your rights were violated in any way, the probability of winning is substantial. In terms of figures, conviction rates in the 90′s were quite high.

In California, the conviction rate between 1997 and 2006 was between 75 and 85 percent. The rates vary a lot depending on the state in question. In Idaho, the rates of conviction have been dropping over the years, a trend that has been observed in many other states. For instance, the average rate of dismissal in 2000 to 2011 was as high as 70 percent in some states.

The biggest cause of dismissal is usually tied to the arrest process. For instance, the arresting officer has to have a solid reason for a traffic stop. If they are found not to have one, then getting a dismissal is really easy.


Other Ft Myers DUI Attorney Tips To Help Win a DUI Case

1. In case your chemical test rights were not read before submitting a BAC test, the probability of a dismissal is really high.

2. It’s easier to win a DUI if you are a first time offender.

3. Before you start a court case, make sure that you have exhausted all other possible options.

4. In case you are not confident about winning a case, try and enter a plea that will favor you the most.

All those are tips to help you win your DUI. Note that when you hire a experienced  FT Myers DUI Attorney, you will have a greater chance at an acquittal.